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How to make your business financially fit.


Running a business is tough. You want to ensure that you are on the right track and you are destined for greatness, and that you’re reaping what you sow, possible more. But if that dream is far from been made then some serious action must be taken to save your business and put it on the right track. Sometimes it’s the simplest things are the ones that are difficult to solve. But if you are dedicated to your business am sure you would be aware of it.

To start things off, you need to look at the functionality of your business. Take a deep run through on how you do everything in your business, from marketing to stocking up, from finances to customer service. This will enable you to check for issues that are not properly dealt with or ones that are been left out. Having that source of information must be updated regularly to ensure efficiency. Make a list of your business daily performance to ensure that it runs smoothly and there are no mishaps.

The organization of your products or services might be outdated or have been replaced with modern technological gear or other much enticing products. It’s up to you to ensure that you are always at the top of your game. Sometimes it’s not very wise to follow the crowd, because what they offer might not be what your customers want for your business. So you have to follow the needs of your consumer. It always a great way to track your earnings whether daily or monthly in that way you can be sure of how your business is going.

Offering new and exciting products should always be in your mind, whether it is been develop or in the stage of an idea. This will allow you to be constantly working to improve your business and help it grow. Remember people change and so should your business. Offering new ideas help to be creative and open a lot of opportunities and more consumers. You are always aiming to improve lives and earning a living, and people are easily bored and always looking for new and fun products on the market, so to keep your so called fans alive you must feed them with their vigorous demands.

Sale is important for a business. It helps it grow in an indirect way and help to gain new audience. You’re always in search of new audience and this is a top priority. It gives consumers freedom and make them feel appreciated. With high percentage discounts, customers will more likely spend more. You can offer a buy one get one free promotion to help generate more sales. You might think you will be losing, but you won’t. It’s up to you with you marketing team to find a way to implement a strategy, which will allow you to gain. A win win situation right there. Just as if that one company did great for me the other night when my car got stuck, I would want all businesses should work hard that way

In everything you do, do it with passion and determination as that’s what will separate you from the others. a business is suppose to be treated like one and you must know how to work it and maintain it or it will come crashing down.

Prepare yourself for success, Entrepreneur Mindset


After working for someone else for “x” amount of years in Hong Kong, you feel you have the experience and the knowledge to start your own business. Or maybe the entrepreneurial bug bit and now is as good a time as any to create a new venture. Whatever the reason, being a business owner is the goal. Being a tree service business owner can a rewarding and lucrative operation. It will take some planning, capital, and patience. Every business owner must invest in patience by the bucketsful.

Understanding Your Market

Like any business you have to know your market. Find out how many tree service businesses already operate in your “territory”. Their operating cost, overhead, number of employees, frequency of jobs, their price of services. Is there a need for your services? If the area is already flooded with tree service companies how will yours be different? How will you advertise and at what cost? What equipment do you have to buy, what can you do without, and can you even afford the equipment? Does your city or town require any type of licenses, insurance, or permits to operate a tree service business? Before starting try talking to other tree service business owners. Ask if you can sit down with them and discuss their business modules and to ask their advice on anything that’s puzzling you. This first hand experience is more valuable than anything you will read in the books and online. Gathered as much information as you can. Just like it’s better to be overdressed then underdressed, it’s better to be over prepared then under prepared.

Business Plan

Now that you are equipped with all this information, a business plan can be created. A business plan is a tool and aid to any business. It should contain a mission statement, cost of running the business and the formula or prices for your services. The projected growth that can be expected and how you will get there. A lot of new small businesses do not even consider to formulate a business plan but it’s a document worth having. That way you’ll have a plan and a vision of where you would like to grow. Where you see your tree service company in three, five, or ten years. This will also come in handy if you have to go down to the bank and borrow money. Or to bring in potential investors. Check out different business plan templates and models online. Or go to your local library. There are scores of books on running a business, creating a business, and developing a business plan. Check out your local Small Business Administration (SBA) they are there to help small business get started and off the ground. If after all this it’s still isn’t something you can do there are always companies and individuals that will do the research then write your business plan for you, for a small fee of course.

Now that you have done your research and formulated a business plan you will know what your next step is. If it’s funding or buying equipment, or whatever. That’s the value and blessing of a business plan not just for tree services enterprise but for any small or large business. If for some reason or another there’s a bump in the road or a detour then just change the plan. It should be something of fluidity, your plan should change as you change, as the economy change. Now it’s time to take that first step and start creating a niche for yourself in the wonderful world of tree services.

Thorough preparation makes its own luck.” –John F. Kennedy