As my readers know that read my about page, I am from Hong Kong and came to the US at age 13 by myself to look for new opportunity, I was adopted child in Hong Kong and my living conditions there was not so great, I moved from home to home and at age 10 I left home and started working in the streets, I had always wanted to go to the US so I kept learning English anyway I could, I was fortunate enough to meet one English speaking lady in the market and I used to work for her and learn the language at the same time.

Learning to Climb in trees & in life

When the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it, I was always taking action despite massive amounts of self-doubt and negative programming that told me I would never amount to anything, one of things that kept me alive were the fruit trees that were in the forest few miles out of the city, I would go there, climb up the trees and get some coconuts and mangos and when you do this everyday for 3-4 years you become pretty efficient and pretty good at climbing all types of trees with no rope or safety lines.

I became very comfortable with height and ascending myself high in the air, and when I’m top of the tree I can feel very peaceful and calm, and that was my happy place, when I was having a hard time at work I would go there and just relax, on top of the tree where its just me and sky, and the forest below me with lush green, I discovered something one day on top of that tree, despite not having any possession or any money, or anything to fill my stomach up, I felt free and happy and content with life starting at the sky.

I knew there will be a bigger purpose for why I am here and when I started opening my mind up my world began shifting, things started changing in the outer world, a ship carrying cargo to US that captain hired me while I was in the market caring crates, I decided to give it a shot and next thing you know I’m on board to the US, left the cargo and never came back, never knew it would happen but now I’m in the US and that ship is gone, I have burned the return ship similar to the war in Troy.

I have made my stake and now I am working as the top tree climber / captain of the crew in a well reputable tree service company where they call me the master tree climber, because no one can climb trees and take down limbs faster than I can. I’m now grown up at age 26 I’m 6’2″ and very muscular build. I take down 7-10 medium to large trees daily and get paid handsomely.

I can basically go to every part of the country and get paid top dollar for my skill because all I have to do is show up at the job site for tree service company ask them to let me demonstrate my skills by taking down a whole tree by myself. And when they watch me do it, their jaws drop because they’ve never seen anyone this efficient and fast at knocking out trees, and they’ve also never seen anyone utilize the skills like I do.

I don’t use the same techniques as what is taught in arborist schools, I feel there are more advanced, better ways to handle a tree that the mainstream don’t teach you about, it’s just that I am the top guy in my field and when you get to my level you sort of learn to adapt and make techniques your very own.

My future Dreams

One day I wish to own my own tree service business in Oklahoma City and become a self made millionaire by age 30, and so I have 4 more years to do it. At this time next year I should have enough credit line and money saved up to invest in a bucket truck and chipper. And I will begin running my own crew and start to build my empire of great tree service company.

This is my dream and I won’t stop until I reach it, I work as long as I have to and do crazy hours till I achieve this dream.

Stay tuned for more updates on this blog