It’s getting so close to school now. I feel like summer just started, it’s stupid. Also I’ve been doing this tree trimming job for my dad’s company so it’s like I didn’t even get a vacation.

My dad’s trying to tell me to save my money for college and for stuff I want during the school year but I’m want to get a car. I got enough from the tree service to get something cheap. I want to get a little Honda or Camry or something and trick it out. I mean, how am I going to work all summer and not get something with the money I made? I’m still going to work maybe on weekends during the school year so whatever.

Today I got to run the stump grinder for the first time. My dad was being real careful about me using this thing for some reason. Don’t get me wrong this thing is a serious tool, it’s kind of like a huge lawnmower with a giant chop saw on it but I’ve been climbing fifty feet up and doing this tree cutting stuff all summer so it was time. I’m seriously like a terminator of tree service, I’ll always be back.

So I got to chop up this old stump after they sawed it all off and run the grinder. It was cool for a minute because it’s a pretty serious machine and chips just fly off everywhere but my dad was like looking over my shoulder the whole time like I was going to mess it up or get hurt or something. My dad’s big on safety but really the only way you’re going to get hurt doing this is if a chip flies into your face or something. But I was wearing safety goggles. And I guess the only way you could mess up the actual stump grinding is if you chop up the lawn or something or maybe miss a part of the stump but it’s going to be pretty obvious if that happens.

I play this on my iphone while I work

But yeah after like ten minutes I was over it, it’s just a really tedious job because you kind of hack away at this stump and it takes forever.

The other arborists that work for my dad wanted to get subs for lunch for some reason so we couldn’t get pizza. The stupid thing is these guys go to this sub shop and order all this food and they sit and eat and complain about the food and how much the subs cost and how they can get a better sub at a different place for cheaper. I’m sitting there thinking everybody could have been happy if we got pizza because there was an amazing pizza place like a mile and a half away. The guys were even like, “Yeah that place does make a bomb pizza we gotta go there sometime. Except not today we’re getting subs at this stupid place.”

Work was easy after lunch. It was for me at least, all we had to do was do some pruning on all these little trees this old man had in his huge yard.

We get paid in two days. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

I’m not sure if I will continue the blog when school starts as I will be very busy