I blog about life & business & relationships

Just a small background about myself, I was born in Hong Kong, and fed up with the culture and repression there, I moved out by the age of 14, this blog was dedicated to all of the ridiculousness in Hong Kong but since then I have been changing my focus to blog about my current life in the USA, which is to work for various service based businesses

I have experience as carpenter, house builder, deck builder, tree service & much more. I am especially trained in the art of sales & closing businesses as well.

I do not allow the asian stereotypes to stop me and I can marching forward for better future. My goal is to become a millionaire by age 30, and with hard work and due diligence, I plan on getting there one step at a time.

I am in business for myself and I love the path of being an entrepreneur.

I am a hard working individual that care about others and want to make this world a better place. I have a great heart and honor and compassion for all. I will take a stance and live out my purpose which is to become a person that young kids can look up to.

Stay tuned